List of output variables for CRESCENDO

Variable Output Freq per PFT Formula Notes Units Longname
Physical variables
tas sechiba monthly - tair K Near-Surface Air Temperature
pr sechiba monthly - rain + snowf kg m-2 s-1 Precipitation
rsds sechiba monthly - swdown W m-2 Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation
mrso sechiba monthly - mrso kg m-2 Total Soil Moisture Content
mrro sechiba monthly - (runoff + drainage) / 86400. kg m-2 s-1 Total Runoff
evapotrans sechiba monthly - evap / 86400. kg m-2 s-1 Total Evapo-Transpiration
landCoverFrac stomate yearly YES VEGET_COV_MAX annual (dynamic veg) or once (static veg) - Fractional Land Cover of PFT
lai stomate monthly YES LAI 1 Leaf Area Index
Carbon pools
cVeg stomate_ipcc yearly - cVeg kg C m-2 Carbon in Vegetation
cLitter stomate_ipcc yearly - cLitter includes below-ground kg C m-2 Carbon in Above-ground Litter Pool
cSoil stomate_ipcc yearly - cSoil doesn't include below-ground kg C m-2 Carbon in Soil (including below-ground litter)
cProduct stomate_ipcc yearly - cProduct kg C m-2 Carbon in Products of Land Use Change
Carbon fluxes
gpp stomate_ipcc monthly - gpp kg C m-2 s-1 Gross Primary Production
ra stomate_ipcc monthly - ra kg C m-2 s-1 Autotrophic (Plant) Respiration
npp stomate_ipcc monthly - npp kg C m-2 s-1 Net Primary Production
rh stomate_ipcc monthly - rh kg C m-2 s-1 Heterotrophic Respiration
fFire stomate_ipcc monthly - fFire kg C m-2 s-1 CO2 Emission from Fire
fLuc stomate_ipcc monthly - fLuc kg C m-2 s-1 CO2 Flux to Atmosphere from Land Use Change
nbp stomate_ipcc monthly - nbp kg C m-2 s-1 Net Biospheric Production