Regional PFT maps interpolation

Check for non-zero PFTs

SUBROUTINE interpweight_3D

! Test lecture
    DO ip=1,lml
      IF ( SUM(invar3D(:,:,ip)) < 0.00001 ) THEN
        WRITE(iS, '(i5)')ip 
        WRITE(suminS, '(f20.10)')SUM(invar3d(:,:,ip)) 
        msg = 'Wrong lecture of data for type ' // TRIM(iS) // ' all values are zero !!'
        CALL ipslerr(3,'interpweight_3D',TRIM(msg),'','')
      END IF
    END DO

Interpolation of regional PFT maps

Interpolation to smaller region

Interpolation of standard global PFT maps

Interpolation from 0.025° to 0.5°

Interpolation of regional PFT map with non-zero PFTs

Interpolation of global PFT map with overridden regional data