The final (posterior) albedo and snow-related coefficients are presented in the tables below.

Albedo coefficients for vegetated, snowed and non-biological surfaces

 near infrared

Parameters involved in snow calculations

\(d_\mathsf{snow,cri}\), m0.1
\(\rho_\mathsf{snow,cri}\), kg/m3330
\(tcst_\mathsf{snow}\), days10
\(age_\mathsf{snow,max}\), days50
\(trans_\mathsf{snow}\), m0.2

The prior, first-guess (JRC TIP) and posterior background albedo maps and their differences are shown on the figures below.

The prior and posterior ORCHIDEE albedo seasonal time-series together with the MODIS data are shown below for several latitude bands and regions.