ORCHIDEE Development Section


Land Cover – Climate Change Initiative

ESA CCI Land Cover dataset (https://www.esa-landcover-cci.org/) is used to produce PFT maps for the ORCHIDEE model.

Transformation of the initial data is done in the following steps:

  1. Aggregation of the yearly ESA CCI land cover data (1992-2015, 300 m resolution, 38 land cover classes, v2.0.7b) into 15 generic PFTs at selected resolution, using:
    • aggregation tool "lc-user-tools" (v3.13)
    • additional Köppen-Geiger climate zone map (300 m resolution, 5 climate zones)
    • default cross-walking table (v2.4), matching ESA CCI classes with generic PFTs
    • additional cross-walking table (v2.4), refining the conversion of several ESA CCI classes depending on the climate zone
  1. Aggregation of the generic PFTs into standard ORCHIDEE PFTs, using:
    • python program "CCI_to_PFT"
    • additional partitioning C3/C4 vegetation map (C. Still et al.)
    • Earth surface topography data at 5 minute resolution (etopo5)

In order to create historical (850-2010) and future projected (2010-2100) PFT maps the dataset is further merged with the LUH2 dataset (http://luh.umd.edu/):

  1. Backward/forward PFT map reconstruction by merging ORCHIDEE PFT map for 2010 with LUH2 data, using:
    • ferret script
    • LUH2 data (v2h)
  1. Post-processing of the reconstructed maps, using:
    • python script "post_PFT.py"

The data are available on obelix:

  • Original ESA CCI land cover data (1992-2018, 300 m resolution, 38 land cover classes, v2.0.7b for 1992-2015 and v2.1.1 for 2016-2018, ~2.5 Gb per file):
  • The same data aggregated into 15 generic PFTs at different resolutions (1°, 0.5°, 0.25°, 0.1°, 0.05°, 0.025°, 0.0125°):
  • The same data further aggregated into 15 ORCHIDEE PFTs:

The ORCHIDEE-related PFT maps are also available on the common-shared repositories on the super-computers used to run the model, e.g:

  • /home/orchideeshare/igcmg/IGCM/SRF/PFTMAPS/CMIP6/ESACCI-LC/15PFT
  • /home/orchideeshare/igcmg/IGCM/SRF/PFTMAPS/CMIP6/ESA-LUH2v2/historical/15PFT.v2
  • /home/orchideeshare/igcmg/IGCM/SRF/PFTMAPS/CMIP6/ESA-LUH2v2/scenarios