CTESSEL developments

Project CAMS52a
Wetland Extent Fraction

Re-calibrating scaling factor with different wetland extent products

(filtered when tsoil < 0)

Cama-flood model (2018) and corrected version (2019)
Distributed by J. McNorton

Copernicus-SWAMPS (monthly climatology)
Copernicus annual fixes map merged with SWAMPS EO product
Frozen wetlands are present, emissions should be removed where Tsoil < 0°C
Distributed by J. McNorton

GIEMS v2.2 (0.25°, 1992-2017) and v3.1 (0.25°, 1992-2020)
The Global Inundation Estimate from Multi-Satellites
Distributed by C. Prigent and C. Jimenez

Climatology files:

WAD2M (0.25°, 2000-2020)
The global Wetland Area and Dynamics for Methane Modelling

Climatology files:

GIEMS+Gumbricht (1°, 2010-2016)
Fraction of wetland with calibrated parameters from GIEMS (Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites) and Gumbricht et al. (2017).

Comparison for matching years (2010-2016) between GIEMS, WAD2M and GIEMS+Gumbricht (regridded to 0.25°)

Comparison between CAMA, SWAMPS, GIEMS, WAD2M and GIEMS+Gumbricht (regridded to 0.25°)

Comparison between CAMA-GIEMS3-WAD2M for 2019 and SWAMPS for 2018

Annual time-series for CAMA, SWAMPS, GIEMS3, WAD2M