CTESSEL developments

Project CAMS41
Potential use of SIF and the linear operator to correct the model GPP in BFAS

PFT1 (Crops, mixed farming)
PFT2 (Short grass)
PFT3 (Evergreen needleleaf)
PFT4 (Deciduous needleleaf)
PFT5 (Deciduous broadleaf)
PFT6 (Evergreen broadleaf)
PFT7 (Tall grass)
PFT9 (Tundra)
PFT10 (Irrigated crops)
PFT11 (Semidesert)
PFT13 (Bogs and marshes)
PFT16 (Evergreen shrubs)
PFT17 (Deciduous shrubs)
PFT18 (Mixed forest - Wood)
PFT19 (Interrupted forest)