ICOS-NEON Workshop
11th September 2014

Data assimilation with the ORCHIDEE terrestrial biosphere model

The aim of this practical session is to provide a more general view of doing data assimilation with global terrestrial biosphere models (TBMs) that are also used in GCMs to make long-term future climate projections. Exercises have been chosen to illustrate each step of the process, from choosing data streams, to choosing parameters and then performing optimisations with different set-ups. We will describe and provide results from recent studies using the LSCE CCDAS to optimize the ORCHIDEE TBM. With each example we ask you several questions with the aim of highlighting the benefits of certain optimization set-ups, as well as getting you to think about remaining issues that will require further investigation.

Firstly though we have a ~20 minute presentation on the ORCHIDEE TBM (which you can follow here: LSCE-ICOS-NEON-workshop-intro.pptx)

Authors: N. MacBean and P. Peylin