Main team

Philippe PEYLIN

Senior Research Scientist at CNRS working on the carbon cycle with a strong expertise in the use of ecosystem land surface models to diagnose the terrestrial carbon balance. Responsible of the development of the ORCHIDEE land surface model and coordinator of the development of a Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System with ORCHIDEE (CARBONES project) that is the background for the ORCHIDEE land data assimilation system.

Research Scientist at LSCE. PhD in Remote sensing. Specialized in inverse modelling (radiative transfert models, biogeochemical and atmospheric tracer models) and data assimilation for characterisation of atmosphere and land surface properties, as well as ecosystem modelling of carbon, water and energy cycles. Involved in ORCHIDEE Data Assimilation System since the early stages.

Environmental Researcher and Data Scientist at Science Partners. PhD in experimental physics (2004, Ural Federal University). Working on the ecosystems modelling within the land surface models ORCHIDEE (LSCE/IPSL) and CTESSEL (ECMWF), development of the data assimilation systems and visualization platforms. Expertise in water isotopologues measurements, radioactive gases and aerosols measurement instruments. Interested in web-development.

Post-doc Researcher at LSCE with a Master’s degree in Mathematics (2012, Oxford University) and a PhD in Land Surface Modelling and Data Assimilation (2018, University of Exeter). Currently working on constraining the hydrology and carbon cycles within the ORCHIDEE model using soil moisture satellite measurements. Also involved in developing the adjoint code of the ORCHIDEE model.

Natasha is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Indiana University. She was a Research Scientist at LSCE between 2011 and 2016. Her research focuses on understanding carbon-climate interactions and improving future projections using model-data assimilation and synthesis - research she continues to do today. Natasha completed her PhD in Land Surface Modelling and Remote Sensing (2011, University College London). The work at LSCE focused on optimisation and development of the global carbon cycle data assimilation system and the phenology in the ORCHIDEE land surface model, in addition to addressing the challenges of multi-data stream data assimilation using a wide range of satellite and in-situ vegetation, carbon and water flux related observations. She remains a contributor to and collaborator of the data assimilation team at LSCE.

Research Scientist in the Department of Geography at Indiana University, a modeler and remote sensing expert with both hydrogeology and terrestrial carbon cycle background. PhD in hydrogeology and remote sensing (2015, University of New South Wales). Interested to understand the response of the carbon cycle and terrestrial ecosystems to climate and environmental changes. Currently using ORCHIDEE data assimilation system to constrain global carbon cycle sink projections and modeled carbon-climate feedbacks, particularly working on constraining the carbon and water cycles using a wide range of in-situ and satellite vegetation, carbon and water flux related observations for dryland ecosystem.
Fabienne MAIGNAN

Research Scientist at LSCE. Master’s degree in engineering (1989). PhD in remote sensing over land surfaces (2011). Involved with ORCHIDEE in numerous EU-funded projects and MIP. Specialized in phenology. Contributing to the improvement of the ORCHIDEE model using assimilation of satellite data.

Senior Researcher in hydrological modelling and numerical methods (LSCE). Currently works on constraining hydrological- and thermal-related parameters by in situ and remote sensing measurements. Involved in designing and testing algorithms and tools that automatically generate codes for gradient and adjoint calculation, which are mandatory for usual cost-function minimisation techniques.
Catherine OTTLE

Senior Research Scientist at LSCE, studying land surface processes for hydrology and vegetation monitoring from local to continental scales. Involved in various developments dedicated to use remote sensing data in land surface models. Currently works on the contribution of land surface products for constraining surface energy and water budgets.

Contributors & Collaborators


Senior Research Scientist at LSCE, head of the Inverse modelling for atmospheric and satellite measurements team (SATINV) of LSCE. As an expert in data assimilation methods, advises on the design of the CCDAS system and on the modelling of error statistics in it. Also contributed to the initial development of the adjont and tangent-linear codes of ORCHIDEE.
Philippe CIAIS

Head of the Atmospheric Composition Department at LSCE. Has been involved in the writing of the CARBONES project proposal. Works occasionally with the ORCHIDAS team for site level applications.

Past team members


PhD in Applied Statistics. Specialized in data assimilation. During the PhD in LSCE, worked on the implementation of 4DVAR in SECHIBA model by using a data assimilation framework called YAO, in order to obtain the adjoint of the model. Interested by inverse modeling, machine learning and parameter model optimization.
Sylvain KUPPEL

Post-doc Researcher at GEA (Grupo de Estudios Ambientales, Argentina). During the PhD at LSCE developed a multi-site data assimilation system for the ORCHIDEE model, primarily intended for flux towers and/or remote-sensing data. Notably interested in data-constrained ecosystem modelling of carbon, water and energy cycles, and uncertainty quantification.
Sebastien LEONARD

Numerical and development engineer working at LSCE between 2012-2014. PhD in theoretical physics. Specialized in numerical modelling. Contributed to the development of ORCHIDEE Data Assimilation System and developed visualization and post-processing tools.

Research Scientist, expert in carbon cycle and the application of inverse modeling to the estimation of surface carbon fluxes. Past member of LSCE, contributed to the development of the Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System with the ORCHIDEE model.

Post-doctoral Researcher at LSCE. PhD in Applied Mathematics. Specialized in data assimilation (terrestrial and ocean ecosystem models) and inverse modeling (inversion of CO2 fluxes from satellite observations). Worked on the parameter optimization of ORCHIDEE on a pine forest site by using flux tower observations.

Researcher at Finnish Meteorological Institute working on carbon cycle studies, with special focus on boreal forests. While at LSCE, worked with adding biomass variables in the ORCHIDEE Data Assimilation System.

Researcher at Ghent University (Belgium) working on modelling vegetation dynamics, carbon and water cycling in tropical forests. Interested in data constrained modelling using multiple models, including ORCHIDEE.