ORCHIDEE Development Section



LMDZOR (version 6.1.9, resolution 142x144, NPv6.1.3)
Nudged simulation for 1966-2015
Configuration (changes from the standard set):

  • day_step=3360
  • iperiod=7
  • tetagdiv=1200.
  • tetagrot=1200.
  • tetatemp=1200.
  • iphysiq=35
  • clon=35.25
  • clat=10.
  • grossismx=5.0
  • grossismy=5.0
  • dzoomx=0.046
  • dzoomy=0.066
Grid cell size in the zoom center : dx = 54.8 km, dy = 28.2 km

Zoom region and Surface geophysical height
Mean precipitation data
Time-series in the zoom center
Time-series in the pixel with maximum pluc in August
Time-series in the pixel with maximum plul in August
Statistics for monthly means
Statistics for daily means
Statistics for 3h data