ORCHIDEE Development Section

Project CAMS41 Phase 2

BLUE : driver (OSM_LSCE/src/CY43R3/surf/offline/driver)
RED : module (OSM_LSCE/src/CY43R3/surf/module)

CPG1S : grid point calculations

CALLPAR1S : call the subroutines of the physics package

UPDDIAG : interface routine to copy IFS variables to offline code diagnostics buffers

VDFMAIN1S : does the vertical exchange of U,V,SLG,QT by turbulence

SURFEXCDRIVER_CTL : controls the ensemble of routines that prepare the surface exchange coefficients and associated surface quantities needed for the solution of the vertical diffusion equations

VSURF : prepares surface boundary condition for T and Q

COTWORESTRESS : calculates net assimilation of CO2 and canopy conductance with moisture stress response

CCETR : calculates radiative transfer within the canopy

COTWO : calculates net assimilation of CO2 and leaf conductance

SRFCOTWO : does the post-processing of CO2 values